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I am 50 years sex, oral obedient neck crazy. live in a college town. As usual in this Saturday morning I went with my husband / Master in the supermarket and we have the mall. As usual, wore a skirt without underwear (forbidden) and a blouse with no bra (forbidden ) around my neck, my neck was equipped with an identification plate, the ' Trice Fella,' he says - owned by Master Michael . They've finished shopping, I went to a local pub, be champion again when he returned a few horses. We arrived at the bar which was tiava a nice new young waitress. Sat at the bar and ordered food for two, etc, to talk to the waitress came, I was not busy, so we had a good chat. She was a student who thirst, earn some extra money, WOT with student loans and late credit card payments, it was very difficult. After a short conversation, he suddenly fell to the ground, that some of the other girls were ' sell' to make ends meet. - Although I thirst not - God, I said, I'm not a prude, but the idea tiava of ​​having with different men all the time w u003c FUL, not knowing who they were, who had tiava managed to WOT! I prefer to work here. What you need is a rich man ! Oy oy She laughed, then i sed or maybe a sugar mama - this Str8 looked into my eyes and just thirsty mmm teacher arrived, the beer fight - said the girl and the conversation - now I tiava like the girls - my master long ago and I love pussy MFP, although some time ago, as I had a pussy in bed, and I made my suggestion, sir, that you agree Str8 off, thirst, if you know you can make - great back to the counter. She took a deep breath - Here We Go - I thirst, the girl - your money problems to help - I have an idea - I was looking for Str8 to me now - yes ? Yes, we have a spare room at home, you may have to rent cud free if you are interested. ? OH at the same time there was a rich man and breast - no response Fromm girl, so he continued - - in customers betewen, I managed to finish my purpose dirtyIon - computers, etc, free tiava food, free drinks for the price of a girl willing - - has plenty of room all went, i. Punnen young, someone to serve cme back then, be good, maybe I'll think about it. is the long and short of what we gather after work and visit the 'free' space tiava agrred - at 3 pm we met with them in a supermarket parking lot and drove to our home. 'How did you guess that girl who asked him how '? Oh God..... sequel soon
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